Left to right: Tiffany Leeth, physical therapist assistant; Shirley Gipson; and Joann Lemek, occupational therapist

By Shirley Gipson


First, let me start by saying this experience has been both humbling and life-changing.


I never needed therapy until recently, when I developed diabetic ulcers on both ankles back in November 2015. This was very painful and prevented me from walking because of the muscles and lack of confidence within myself. I basically had to crawl like a baby to go up and down stairs.


My daughter who lives in Lawrenceville, Georgia, flew to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, to bring me here to Georgia to get some desperately needed help!


Since starting physical therapy on May 4, 2016 (almost three weeks ago) at Life Care Center of Gwinnett [in Lawrenceville], being at a zero for being able to stand or walk, I am now able to walk, stand and dress myself.


The moment I started working with Physical Therapist Tiffany Leeth and Occupational Therapist Joann Lemik, I knew this was the right place to be, and it has literally changed my life! They are directly responsible, along with the staff, for getting me to walk again after nearly six months.


I am able to return home and resume my independent living, thanks in great part to the support and backing of the therapists. They had such a genuine concern, patience and understanding of my needs and desires to walk again, and they stopped at nothing to make my wishes happen and dreams come true.


My rehab has been loaded with healing results and positive reinforcement. Your skillful rehabilitation crew is remarkable and very well-informed, and my actual physical improvement is an example of their superior aptitude.


Your services are priceless. Because of the dedication and devotion of the team, I am making great progress and am very hopeful for a full recovery.


I will always be grateful to them along with the entire outstanding staff at Life Care Center of Gwinnett.


With deepest gratitude and appreciation!


-- Ms. Shirley Gipson, May 20, 2016